welcome to gitevezelay.co.uk
welcome to gitevezelay.co.uk


This photo gallery shows pictures of the house as well as some of Vezelay and the surrounding area. Here you can see:

  • The Living / Dining Room (c. 25 x 40 feet) with a large woodburning stove and well equipped kitchen
  • The first floor Long Gallery Master Bedroom, with ensuite bathroom
  • The stone vaulted tower room 
  • The modernised attic space which has a common area with three double bedrooms opening off it as well as shower and bathroom

A couple or small family can have spacious and comfortable accommodation by using just the first two floors, but altogether the house can sleep up to 12 in seven different rooms. For more details see Accommodation.

For some of the local attractions, see Holidaying.


CITE de LA Voix, Vezelay

Concerts and events throughout the summer,.
26-27 October 2019


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